Matcha Tiramisu

Matcha Tiramisu

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Tiramisu, one of the most classic desserts. Simple in ingredients and preparation, yet ever so satisfying. Imagine digging into one of these pillowy soft beauties on a lazy Friday night, while binge watching your favourite drama on the couch. Pure bliss.

Below is a recipe by Tastemade Japan. Bon appetit!

500ml Water 
3g Matcha 
10g Mascarpone cheese ⠀
5g Fresh cream 
1.5 g Granulated sugar ⠀
2 pieces Sponge cake (2 cm × 2 cm)

1. Mix green tea in water and make matcha liquid.
2. Place mascarpone cheese in a bowl with fresh cream and granulated sugar and mix until smooth. 
3. Place sponge cake into a square mould. Immerse powdered green tea solution on it. Place mascarpone mix on top and spread.
4. Repeat step 3 for all sponge cake pieces.
5. Finally sprinkle more matcha on top. 
6. Enjoy!