For the Love of Making

For the Love of Making

With a love for making and Mother Earth, Shiying started senkoubou (錢工房), a made-to-order leather atelier that takes inspiration from everyday thi...

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To create a platform for the modern-day Picasso and Hemingway to gather over tea.

Past Events


Here at Hvala, we remember that all craft points to the creator. Exclusively at the Chijmes outlet, we are proud to feature various artists' works in-store. Enjoy the gallery space while you're here with us!

What's Going On


We partner with various artists and organisations to bring to you curated performances. From time to time, our space will be closed for private, ticketed performances. Check out what we have ongoing!

What's Going On


From tea or food tasting to workshops, we bring to you an assorted array of experiences that will have your hands busy. Some are by appointment only, so feel free to contact us to arrange a session.