Our matcha can be used for

Sourced directly from our partner tea farm in Japan and imported at least once a month to provide you with the freshest tea in the market.

Azuma Tea Garden, Wazuka, Kyoto

Tea Powder

Kaze Matcha

Ceremonial Grade
Tasting notes: Rich umami flavour complemented by a mellow sweetness. Smooth & nutty when made into a latte.

Tsuki Matcha

Premium Grade
Tasting notes: Light umami notes and a fresh, lively flavour. Easy to drink, the tea is smooth and has a clean finish.

Yuki Matcha

Premium Grade
Tasting notes: An everyday matcha with pleasant umami flavour and a mellow taste profile, coupled with medium astringency.

Matcha 2

Student Ceremonial Grade
Tasting notes: Slightly more vegetal notes and is more bitter compared to Tsuki Matcha powder.


Made by roasting Sencha leaves over high heat.
Tasting notes: Toasted & nutty. When made into a latte, it produces malty notes reminiscent of chocolate milk.


Made from roasted brown rice and green tea.
Tasting notes: Rich and complex flavour. Fresh earthiness from green tea complemented by a hint of savoury notes from the roasted rice.

Tea Leaves & Tisanes


First flush tea (First harvest in Spring)
Tasting notes: Gentle astringency with light umami notes

Hojicha Karigane

Roasted premium-grade tea leaves (consists of only stem) Tasting notes: Rich and robust flavour that pleases the palate. Sweet and woodsy aroma.


Buckwheat tea sourced from Aomori prefecture in Japan.
Tasting notes: Sweet-savoury nutty undertones. Rich and toasty aroma. Caffeine-free

Corporate Partner Benefits

Training Session

Complimentary training session conducted by our tea sommeliers.

After Sales Support

Speak to our sales team to get insights and advice for best brewing methods, tea ware maintenance and all aspects of brewing, storing and serving our products.

Original Recipes

Our tea sommeliers will share our recipes for each brew so you can serve up the best teas in your cafe