Okinawa, the former Ryuku Kingdom "琉球王国", is the southernmost island group in Japan with a unique culture. Okinawa has historically built up its own unique culture, and in addition to its beautiful sea and nature, it has its own unique food and culture.

The catchphrase of Hvala "一期一会 – Once in a lifetime, once in a moment–" is similar to the Okinawan phrase "いちャりばちょーでー–Ichiribachodee–. Its meaning is "Once you meet, you are all brothers". People value the connection between people, and welcome the people they meet as if they were family. This is the culture of Okinawa.

In this exhibition, we would like to show you the various expressions of Okinawa, from its tradition to the present, as if welcoming you to Hvala as our family. In this exhibition, the various expressions of Okinawa are displayed. On the shelf, traditional Okinawan pottery and "シーサー–Shisa–" the Okinawan guardian lions, welcome you. People value the connection. This is the culture of Okinawa.

The music that plays is Okinawan folk music, a sound that has been passed down from generation to generation as the soul of Okinawa.

At Hvala, tarts and ice cream made with Okinawan sweet purple potato, which represent Okinawa, are available for a limited time.

Please feel Okinawa with your eyes, ears and tongue.

Shisa craftsmen
Shisa - シーサー - are guardian gods that ward off evil and misfortune, and can be seen everywhere, on the roofs of houses and public buildings. From devilish forms to gentle faces, round or slender, are they similar to the faces of craftsmen? Please look out for Shisa when you visit Okinawa.


Ryuso Wedding
Ryuso - 琉装 - costumes were worn by the nobility during the Ryukyu Kingdom - 琉球王国 - and are now customarily worn at weddings, coming-of-age ceremonies and other events.


The Shureimon -守礼門 - is a ceremonial, Chinese-style wooden gate located close to Shuri Castle - 首里城 -. It was built by the order of King Sho Sei between 1527 and 1555, and is one of the most famous and widely recognized symbols of Okinawa.


Kachashi - カチャーシー - is a type of Okinawan festive folk dance. Accompanied by sanshin and taiko drums, it is danced by all participants at celebratory occasions such as ending of weddings and community events. If you happen to be there, we would love to see you join in the fun.


Hanagasa - 花笠 - is a brightly coloured hat worn by women who perform traditional Okinawan dances. It is used in the traditional slow dance to pray for hope and peace in Okinawa. The red colour represents the hibiscus flower, the blue colour represents the sky and the silver colour represents the waves of the sea, these are the elements found in the Okinawan landscape.


Ryukyuan costumes were influenced by the trading relations with Japan, China and many countries in Southeast Asia during the Ryukyu Kingdom - 琉球王国 -. They are brightly coloured and each design has its own meaning.


Beautiful beaches in Okinawa
Okinawa is home to some of the clearest waters in the world. Drive along the sea, watch the sunset on the sand. Of course, it is also famous for snorkelling and diving. Proposing with ocean view in Okinawa is the way to go!


Eisa - エイサー - is a traditional Okinawan drum dance. It is a wonderful dance in which men beat their drums to the accompaniment of sanshin and song. It is often performed during the Obon (Japanese Hungry Ghost Festival) and the songs and dances vary from region to region.


Fireworks festival in Okinawa
Japan's earliest fireworks displays take place in Okinawa. It signals the arrival of summer. The fireworks are always accompanied by music performances and attract many spectators from all over Okinawa and abroad. We hope you will come to Okinawa one day to see the fireworks.


Taketomi island
There are over 40 inhabited islands in Okinawa.Among them, Taketomi Island has a beautifully preserved small traditional red-tiled village.You can take a leisurely stroll around the small village on a water buffalo, which is a popular tourist activity.


Purple sweet potato
We hope you enjoy this Okinawan purple sweet potato dessert brought to you by Hvala & Okinawan Prefectural Office Singapore ;)

Hvala&沖縄県シンガポール事務所がお届けする沖縄の紫芋のデザートをぜひお楽しみください ;)