Hvala Singapore

Kaze Matcha No. 1


Mellow Sweetness

Get your ceremonial-grade matcha in Singapore at Hvala. Kaze Matcha has a balanced profile of rich umami notes complemented by a mellow sweetness. Kaze is smooth and nutty when made into a latte.


Usucha: 2 - 3g     80°C, 70ml      15 sec (whisk)
Koicha: 4 - 5g     80°C, 40ml      15 sec (whisk)
Matcha latte: 8 - 10g     70ml, 80°C or room temperature water for iced latte
15 sec (whisk)


Net weight: 30g / 100g

Per serving: 2 - 3g (usucha) / 4 - 5g (koicha) / 8 - 10g (matcha latte)

Origin: Uji, Kyoto

Grade: Ceremonial

Shelf life: 12 months

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