Here at Hvala, we aspire to create a platform for the modern-day Picasso and Hemingway to gather. 

A place for conversations and tea, we are proud and excited to invigorate your artistic, intellectual and flavour tastebuds all at once. From curated galleries and exhibitions, to a unique line-up of performances, to the selection of choice tea, we bring to you a story of pursuit — a pursuit of extraordinariness and forward-thinking. 


We aspire for something bigger than ourselves, and that is the Arts. The imagination that art offers is beyond the tangibles, and we hope to be the platform where artists can gather to appreciate the nuances of slowing down. 


Our supplier in Japan is a traditional tea wholesaler who commits to providing quality tea leaves. At least twice a year, the team visits the family to ensure we serve the best of tea in the marketplace.


Find yourself seated next to others you are strangers with? Relax, and hit up a conversation by saying 'hi'! Here at Hvala, we hope that our space encourages conversations among people of different walks of life.