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Wazuka Shincha (新茶) Okumidori 2021


八十八夜新茶 - Hachiju Hachiya Shincha

A rare harvest on the actual Hachiju Hachiya, the 88th day of Spring. Legend has it that tea harvested on this particular day will be of the highest quality and promote longevity. But due to the ever changing weather conditions, most tea nowadays are unsuited to be harvested on this day anymore.

We don’t know about longevity, but this Okumidori Shincha sure is delightful. Clean and smooth, with almost no astringency - which is really rare in a Shincha as most tea require time to mellow and shed some astringency.


Preparation  5g (1 pot)     60 - 65°C, 200ml      90 sec


Net weight: 100g

Per serving: 5g (1 pot)

Shelf life: 1 Year

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