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Kagoshima Shincha (鹿児島 新茶) 2020


First of the first flushes

Harvested on the 6th of April 2020, this shincha from the Yakushima island in the Kagoshima region is one of the first harvest in all of Japan. As Kagoshima is lower south compared to the other regions such as Kyoto and Uji, they enjoy a warmer weather, which results in earlier maturation for the tea.

Made using a blend of the Kuritawase and Asatsuyu cultivar, the tea has a pleasant freshness characteristic of shincha coupled with a smooth, rounded sweetness and intense fragrance that is unique to tea from the Kagoshima region.  

Preparation  5g (1 pot)     60 - 65°C, 200ml      90 sec


Net weight: 100g

Per serving: 5g (1 pot)

Shelf life: 1 Year

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