Say matcha and most likely a latte comes to mind. Several decades ago, the pure, powder form of matcha intrigued the Japanese. Matcha introduced a new wave of tea drinking for them.

The modern-day drink that boosted the popularity of matcha is undoubtedly the matcha latte. Added with a layer of milk and drizzled with sugar, this simple beverage can be prepared in less than three minutes. Matcha latte packs antioxidants and is a quick on-the-go alternative.   

Preparation time: 3 mins
Serving: 1 cup


3 tsp matcha powder
70ml water
200ml fresh milk (or soy milk) 


1. Whisk the matcha with the water using a chasen until well mixed and frothy.
2. Add ice and milk into a tall glass.
3. Layer on the matcha and sweeten to taste.
4. Stir and enjoy.