A queer and less-known taste, the genmaicha is a union of two classic Japanese flavors — roasted rice and green tea. Together, the genmaicha has an herbaceous taste that is savory and smooth at the same time.

The mousse is our twist to the otherwise nutty taste. When layered with the sponge biscuits and azuki beans, the mousse is instantly a delight to the palate.      

Preparation time: 10 mins
Serving: 15 cups 


3 Sponge finger biscuits
1200g Whipped cream
3 Gelatin sheets 3 sheets
60g Genmaicha powder
80g Icing sugar
90g Water  


1. Soak gelatin sheets in iced water until soft. Squeeze out excess water.

2. Heat up 120g of whipped cream in a container till hot and melt gelatin sheet till dissolved.

3. In a mixer, whip up the other 1000g of whipped cream till semi-peak. Pour in the previous batch of whipped cream and whip till stiff-peak.

4. Mix in water, icing sugar and genmaicha powder in a bowl, until mixture forms a paste.

5. Fold in mixture into whipping cream and store in refrigerator.

6. In a cup, layer the sponge cake, genmaicha mixture in successive layers.

7. Optional: Add layers of azuki beans or sprinkle some roasted rice bits for a final touch.