by Hvala

In building a legacy, may we never forget our dreams. It has been a journey, and it will still be a journey from henceforth. 

November 02, 2019

Anywhere from the spectrum of boundless to erratic resides at least one term that can define an artist. There are many terms to associate the Arts with — therapeutic, calming, exciting, depressed, soulful.. the list goes on. While the average Joe buys 70gsm paper, the artist makes a trip to get 93gsm handmade paper in the just the right shade of off-white. Such is the obsession with perfection.

Talk about the power of imagination, and artists are your best bet. Which is why we also believe in the power of the Arts — to comfort, to take risk, to believe. 

This is a celebration — for us, for the Arts scene, for you.

We are grateful that the time has come for Hvala to incorporate a gallery space into its retail outlet. At our flagship store located in Chijmes, we are partnering and supporting budding artists to display their works in-house. If you follow our digital space as well, you'd notice that we are collecting their memories and sharing them. 

This is a celebration — for us, for the Arts scene, for you. Our hope is to bring the Arts a step nearer to the masses, just as it was for tea. And we recognise that this is a transition for all — you and us alike — to remember how much we have journeyed, and how much further we can journey.

In the spacious entrance of our Chijmes outlet is a flower vase. To be more exact, it is an ikebana, a Japanese floral arrangement put together by a local florist. On its right is a shelf home to 18 pottery pieces, each hand-tossed and glazed by a local potter. The walls are lined with calligraphy and photography selections of creative talents. The cement shelves house collections of handmade wares from around the world. In the midst of the pieces, we hope you find your inner peace. Better still, another soul like yours. 

Welcome to Hvala — home to the always evolving, always bold and always enduring.

Welcome to Hvala — home to the always evolving, always bold and always enduring. We are bringing the Arts to the masses. Fuss-free, accessible, and affordable. Stemmed from a love for the Arts, Hvala aspires to see beyond ourselves and build enduring legacies.

Collectibles like these stay with us not only for a longer time, but speak to our souls for a longer time, too. This shared vision of legacy in the Arts is something we can take pride in, in years to come, when surrounded by the ever-chasing and never-satisfying. 

As we look back at our inaugural Shogakai, an artistic meeting over tea last weekend, we are thankful that there are those who also stand by the philosophy of tea and the Arts. 

November 02, 2019