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Riguricha Ryu Kamairicha


Riguricha Ryu Kamairicha

Introducing an extremely rare and precious kamairicha from Kochi, Japan - the Riguricha Ryu.

Made using the original tea plant found in the wild, this zairai (grown from seed as opposed to the usual cutting method) kamairicha is painstakingly handpicked by the farmers and their neighbours. To achieve more precise control, pan-firing is also done by hand rather than using machines. These factors amount to its scarcity - only 10kg is available each year.

Carefully aged in controlled storage conditions for 2 years, the kamairicha took on a unique wild flower aroma and smooth palate, without any astringency. A truly special tea meant for the special occasion.

Extremely limited stock!

Preparation  3g (1 pot)     80°C, 150ml      40 - 45 sec

Net weight: 30g

Per serving: 3g (1 pot)

Shelf life: 1 Year

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