Are you a matcha enthusiast? Then you've come to the right place!

Hvala is pleased to introduce its range of single cultivar matcha. A “cultivar” is a cultivated variety — a plant that has been selectively picked and put into a mass crossbreed/breed for its desirable traits and characteristics. Tea masters will then blend different cultivars to achieve their preferred taste profiles — aiming to have the best balance of umami, sweetness and astringency.

Blending also ensures consistency from year to year, as the flavour of each cultivar changes depending on the harvest.  By tweaking the composition of the blends, the same flavour profile can be attained every year.

In single cultivar matcha, one would usually find that certain notes are more pronounced, as original flavours are unhindered by other cultivars, As a result, the taste profile tends to be cleaner as well.  

You can now try out these known cultivars at Hvala!

Click on the single cultivar names  below, to view a snapshot of their flavour profiles.

Check out our simple video on how to whisk your matcha!