This collaboration is born out of a dream to curate the Atlas of tea — a tea collection so large that customers can walk through our doors, ask for any possible Japanese tea and we will be able to serve it.

But executing it is almost an impossible task in the physical world due to limitations in storage. It would also be difficult to travel to each and every farm to meet the people behind the tea, which is an important process for us in curating the tea atlas. Hence, we reached out to our long-term partner who shares the same philosophy and appreciation for the artistry of tea, Yunomi.

About Yunomi

Offering the world's largest selection of Japanese tea, Yunomi bridges linguistic & cultural barriers that separate Japanese tea farmers and tea enthusiasts worldwide.

Through the listings, small businesses — particularly the family owned and operated farms and factories — are provided access to the global market (and vice versa!). From family-owned tea farms to artisan teaware studios, tiny tea processors, and historical tea shops, tea connoisseurs around the world are able to digitally traverse one of Japan's most traditionally closed industries and savour the best tea  the country has to offer.

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