My Chawan

Featuring chawan made by students from APSN Chaoyang School and volunteers

They look no different from any other child, eyes bright and curious. It is when you interact with them, that you realise they are not like most children — for their condition is an invisible one.

In the spectrum of Intellectual Disability (ID), they have been diagnosed with mild ID, with an IQ of 50 - 70 and limited adaptive functioning. Unlike those with more severe ID, their symptoms are much less obvious and harder to detect. After all, they look just like any other child.

As part of an inclusive society, APSN Chaoyang School provides special education for this particular community. With the School’s niche being Aesthetics, the children are exposed to arts and crafts that help develop their self-expression, concentration and motor skills.

With the assistance of Potter Kim Whye Kee and some volunteers, the children from APSN Chaoyang School created a series of chawan (tea bowl) that can be used in anyone’s daily lives. From hand-pinching to glazing, the children can take pride in their craft work and that the fruits of their labour can be used for different purposes.

Each chawan is on sale at $88nett, self-collection from Muse Initiative (34 Keong Saik Road) . Full proceeds will go to APSN Chaoyang School.
To place an order, please contact Potter Kim Whye Kee via instagram message at @qipottery.