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A cultivar is a plant that has been specifically bred & grown by humans. Upon harvesting, they can be processed & sold either as a single cultivar tea, or different cultivars can be blended together to achieve the desired flavour. Each cultivar has its own unique flavour profile such as umami, astringency, sweetness and hay.

Taste profile

Bright umami notes with a dry finish. Made into a matcha latte with fresh milk, the astringency is reduced, giving a smooth and sweet body.


Usucha: 2 - 3g     80°C, 70ml      15 sec (whisk)
Koicha: 4 - 5g     80°C, 40ml      15 sec (whisk)
Matcha latte:   8 - 10g     70ml, 80°C or room temperature water for iced latte
  15 sec (whisk)


Net weight: 30g 

Origin: Wazuka, Kyoto

Shelf life: 12 months

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