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Competition Grade Matcha


Pinnacle Competition Grade Matcha 


Shaded using the traditional canopy made with reeds and straws called Honzu, and painstakingly handpicked by the skilled farmers, every step from growing, harvest to the final blending by the tea master is carried out with utmost care for the making of this Pinnacle Competition grade matcha. 

Rich, emerald green in colour, the matcha has an extremely well balanced profile of sweetness and smooth umaminess. We recommend whisking it into a Koicha (thick tea) to savour the full potential and flavour profile of the matcha as such a high quality matcha is extremely difficult to come by even in Japan.


Usucha: 2 - 3g     80°C, 70ml      15 sec (whisk)

Koicha: 4 - 5g     80°C, 40ml      15 sec (whisk)

 15 sec (whisk)


Net weight: 40g 

Per serving: 2 - 3g (usucha) / 4 - 5g (koicha) / 8 - 10g (matcha latte)

Origin: Uji, Kyoto

Grade: Competition

Shelf life: 6 months

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