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10 Single Cultivar Matcha Set


10 Single Cultivar Matcha Set

A sampling set of 10 single cultivar matcha for the tea connoisseurs interested in exploring the differences in the various cultivars.

Traditionally, experienced tea masters from the different tea brands will taste the various cultivars of the new batch of harvest, and determine the best blending ratio to achieve year to year consistency in their matcha. Each cultivar has its own unique flavour profile such as umami, astringency, sweetness and hay, and a true master is able to create a blend that harnesses the full potential of the each cultivar.

So apart from tasting each cultivars on their own, you may wish to try blending your own unique matcha blend with this matcha set!


Usucha: 2 - 3g     80°C, 70ml      15 sec (whisk)
Koicha: 4 - 5g     80°C, 40ml      15 sec (whisk)


Net weight: 100g 

Origin: Wazuka, Kyoto

Harvest: Spring 2023

Shelf life: 12 months

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