Alarm. Snooze. Wake. Brush. Coffee.

Many matcha lovers compromise by choosing black over green to beat the morning rush. Afterall, a cup of joe only requires some hot water and a spoon. All we want is a hit of caffeine in our system, and quick.

Aside from instant matcha (most of which are made with low grade matcha, with added sugar and additives), the most common way to prepare matcha is using the traditional chasen (tea whisk) and chawan (tea bowl).

For the occasional mornings when we are able to escape the daily grind, the ritual of whisking up a nice frothy usucha is a great way to unwind and focus on life itself. But, alas, most days, time isn’t a luxury we can afford. Here’s a pro tip for you  - time to grab the thermos.

Just add a teaspoon of your favourite matcha into warm or cold water and give them a good shake in the thermos. Now you have a nice velvety flask of elixir to bring along your daily commute.

You’re welcome ;)

Hvala Singapore